About Us

Born out of a passion for beautiful homewares, J&P Lifestyle Studio was created with the vision to design, develop and source exquisite products that we hope you will love as much as we do. 

When designing our collections, we drew on our European and Eastern backgrounds. We take pride in creating and sourcing beautiful products, ranging from traditional Asian inspired decorative pieces to marble candle holders which are reminiscent of classical Italian plinths. 

Our Ceramics are created using traditional Chinese Qing-hua method, fired up to 1300°C for 10 hours in kilns in a town which has more than 1000 years history of producing ceramics in China. All of these products are hand-painted by local artists, some whose families have been working in the local pottery houses for generations. Each piece is unique and skillfully crafted which adds to their authenticity. 

Our love for natural stone and marble leads us to continuously search for beautiful raw blocks from all round the world.  We love working with marble due to its captivating bold and dramatic veins, texture and organic patterns. 

Stay tuned, follow-us or get in touch for more information on our collections.